New day

Every day is a new start; a clean slate;

A chance not to make the same mistakes.

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Carrying On


It’s not what you endure and survive. It’s how you deal with it and weather those storms.

You may not ever know the perfect Norman Rockwell home.

You may never be without the damages and the nightmares and the scars.

But they are all part of who you are.

It’s not about what you’ve survived.

It’s how you carry on & thrive.

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You look back.

Uncertainty clouds your mind.

So much time passed without celebration.

You lose some people along the way.

You get older despite your reservations.

You look back

& miss out the current situation.

You fret and furrow aimlessly

deep in contemplation.

Make your peace with the past.

Disengage from all ventures untoward.

Dust off the hurts and slights.

Don’t look back; Move forward.



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Its been so long

Its been so long since I’ve written anything.
Its been so long since I’ve written.
Its been so long since I’ve felt anything deeply.
Yes.  No.  We’ll see.
Its as far I go.
I am so thankful to be alive,
Free of you, bleached of your stain.
But part of me is afraid that you have killed
Every ounce of my creativity.
Assassin in the night.
Too shell shocked and dumbfounded to even begin to form the words.
Its been so long since I’ve written anything.
And it’s okay.


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What did you do that hasn’t computed?
Break the girl.
Drink the wine.
In the end, everything is fine. 
What did I do that hasn’t computed?
The drama is undisputed,
Uncontested World Champion of
Complicated + convoluted.


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 ally, associate, become one, bond, catch*, combine, conjoin, conjugate, contract, couple, drop anchor, espouse, get hitched, get married, join, knit, land*, lead to altar, link, match, mate, merge, one, pledge, plight one’s troth, promise, relate, settle down, take vows, tie, tie the knot, unify, unite, walk down aisle, wed, yoke

Merriam Webster


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from The Shipping News

“If a bird with a broken neck could fly away,
what else might be possible?
Water may be older than light,
diamonds crack in hot goat’s blood,
mountaintops give off cold fire,
forests appear in mid-ocean,
it may happen that a crab is caught
with the shadow of a hand on its back,
and that the wind be imprisoned
in a bit of knotted string.
And it may be that love sometimes occurs
without pain or misery.

– Annie Proulx, The Shipping News


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You said I was
Like it was a bad thing,

A malleable soul
Easily swayed,

A wanderer lost,
Taking shelter in any port
From the storm.

The changeable soul adapts,
Survives and overcomes.
You said I was changeable

Like it was a bad thing.
I changed my mind about you
& it saved my life.


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The dark one

His head amidst a fan of pillows,
the dark one lay, waiting, planning, plotting.
Etching new schemes as the chemicals filtered into his blood stream.
Only pills and potions allowed him to sleep
A life medicated…
Pills to make his poor choices palatable.
A grifter spends his life looking over his shoulder, waiting for his sins to catch up with him – never knowing peace.


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American Woman

Tears dry.
Bruises fade.
Life goes on,
Broken heart or not.
I survived your web
Mostly intact
I am alive and kicking.
Broken heart or not.
Tears cease
The sun shines
Life unfolds,
Broken heart or not


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